We asked a sample of the UK population what they are doing with their cash and how they invest. Here are some of Britain’s savers, do any of them sound like you?

You’re… financially sophisticated

You have considerable assets and
a substantial household
income. You want to live life
to the full, but you also want to
retire comfortably, so you’re happy to
invest and save so that you might
see a greater return on your cash.

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You’re… content with your financial security and want to enjoy life’s luxuries

You’ve built your financial
security in order to give you
freedom to enjoy life. You don’t
have a lot of money to spare but you
want to save, invest and take care of your
money in a way that can continue
to support your lifestyle.

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You’re… living modestly but you’re comfortable

You’re doing ok. You want
reassurance about how you
save and don’t want to take
big financial risks. You’d prefer
your cash to grow a little so
you can continue to feel secure.

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You’re family first and just starting to save more

Your first responsibility is to your
family and you want to establish
financial security for your
loved ones, so the financial decisions
you make are governed by your
family. You’re already quite involved
with your savings and would like to
learn more about investing.

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You’re… an ambitious professional and beginning to think about saving and investing

You’re conscious of the need to save and
invest, and have started to make good
headway. If you’re not looking
to get on the property ladder, then
you’re looking to create some
financial headroom for yourself
– and you’ve considered investing in
responsible and sustainable investment
funds in order to do so.

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You’re… new to saving and investing, and want to learn more

You’re just working out how you want
to save but you’re putting a
little aside. Although investing
wasn’t something you considered
because you don’t quite have the means
and the know-how yet, you’re already
a savvy saver and are used to
interacting with your finances
on a regular basis.

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